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Montage site plan

/Volumes/DJ HD 2/site plan 18 FEB.dwg

The site plan has evolved to make the fog catchers more integral to the scheme whilst including a beach hut work space located west to accommodate the workers of canary wharf/poplar/water marketplace. Additionally piers have been incorporated to the tidal landscape to act as a circulation space around the site and to ‘fray’ the space between the building and the landscape.

brick lane city beach

City Beach Club is London’s first outdoor pop-up urban beach with a bar and food. London’s weather used to be a little unreliable for this kind of thing, but they gave it a try in 2006, and it worked a treat. The City Beach Club is in the car park at the Truman Brewery, and offers deck chairs, a bar, music (with a refreshing ‘no electro’ policy), sand imported from Jamaica (I suppose organisers of City Beaches are broadly in favour of the greenhouse effect), and occasional activities like volleyball, and outdoor cinema.



scheme development- tidal landscape/water purification work place


initial site plan 2reservoirsteam tidal landscape 2 tidal landscape uv exposure


airating water bridge

Pictured (from top to bottom)

  1. overall scheme plan and spaces
  2. Tidal landscape plan tide in and tide out
  3. Reservoir- sediment bed
  4. Steam purification workspace
  5. Tidal landscape- tide in
  6. Tidal landscape- tide out
  7. Sunlight UV water purification
  8. Aerating water bridge

The scheme has developed to incorporate the workplace with stages of water purification, with a tidal landscape forming the immediate surroundings. The water purification spaces are to compliment different work processes e.g. the reservoir as a quiet space to work, taking a boat out to your own space, whilst acting as a sediment bed as part of the purification process. The plan needs a lot more development, integrating more with the tidal landscape, along with a better understanding of how the workspaces can work together with the water purification areas.

Hydrocarbon Densifying Play Mechanism

A ‘play’ driven water processing system provides the action of the see saw to drive the greywater purification. The potential for ‘play’ to be replaced with ‘work’  within the office to drive the water purification process and create the watery immersive environment will be looked at further. More info on the above project here

Fog Catcher

very short test animation using 3ds max and after effects to represent fog catchers used in the project.


trading floor

tidal trading floor

overall section


overall section




bottle library

cafe-office hybrid


Urban Station, Buenos Aires, has come up with the idea of creating a cafe-office hybrid, combining the social space of a cafe with the amenities required for the office. Accommodating for workers within an informal and flexible environment are key to the future of office design.

An Atmosphere Excavated

Architecture graduate John Becker’s final project involved creating the future headquarters of a fictional company that sells bottled water harvested from dew. The project has many similarities to mine in terms of creating a workplace that is immersive with water. More info here