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ScanLAB: laser scans of mist

ScanLAB have been exploring scanning technologies to capture natural events including mist, utilising the data to aid the design process. Reinterpreting natural events into a digital format could be an interesting exploration to consider. More info here:


Ink in water

ink and water


Experimenting with ink in water produced some interesting forms. As the water grows as it enters the water, it displays a natural analogy for promotion. The ink transforms the water from a transparent substance to an opaque one. This change in material quality is one I am interested in exploring further.

Financial empowerment

water tower concept


The towering skyline of canary wharf symbolises the financial status of the businesses within, introducing a water tower like structure would introduce the symbolic status of water with the financial district.

Precious Commodity

form dry earth


The current and intensifying future of water as a scarcity not only has effects on us but the earth itself. The arteries created by water removed from the earth can be used as a starting point of form exploration; an artery between canary wharf and poplar.

Storage of Water

water tanks


Exploring the idea of using existing infrastructure, in this case the DLR, as a location for water tanks.

Immersive Workplace Environment

From the cross crit last week, I have begun to explore the idea of the traders working within an immersive environment, strengethening the connection between the workplace with the commodity itself. Pictured above is Hylozoic Ground by Philip Beasly and Barbican Rain Room by Random International, both utilizing a reactive environment, connecting itself with the user.

water collection

Using the CAT calculation of water collection, it can be determined how much water could be collected for personal use.

Roof area (square metres) x Annual rainfall (mm) x System efficiency (WISY is 90%) x Run-off coefficient of roof (a pitched, tiled roof is 0.75)

= Annual collection in litres (1000 litres = 1m3)

Roof area (1m2) x annual rainfall (650mm) x 0.90 x 0.75

= 438.75 litres per metre squared

Water cooler concept

water cooler concept

Following on from the water cooler being the hub of the workplace, the concept envisages the water purification system becoming the hub of the market place. It aims to explore the interplay between the trade locally and globally of water, bringing the abstracted financial workplace dissociated with its real world implications to its source. Bringing together the dissociated physical attributes of the material and the decision makers of the material.

Water cooler

The workplace water cooler is known to be the hub of where conversation occur, ideas are explored and office politics discussed. This workplace hub has the potential to be represented through different mediums that incorporates the future of water as a commodity. A water purification system? A water bar?

Cross crit presentation

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 20.55.34

Cross crit presentation here: intercrit DJ