Preliminary Agenda

The Nomadic Office.

Image: Migrant Skyscrapers Roll Up City Streets Inside Giant Wheels (Damian Przybyła, Rafał Przybyła)


Preliminary agenda:

To create a decentralized (Nomadic) office environments, providing greater potential in terms of:

  • Flexibility in use of space and time
  • Location of office less constrained
  • Office becoming engaged with urban social functions
  • Reuse of existing buildings (Parasite) fabrics and resources i.e. electricity, waste, staff etc.
  • The ‘parasite’ has possibilities to:
    • Transfer energy from one system to another, creating new systems
    • Bring society and urban structures together
    • Look for the boundaries between possibilities and admissibility’s
    • Rapidly changing desires of society into urban space
  • Adaptive to social needs
  • Blurring the boundary between work and private life
  • Identify key nodes within canary wharf and the surrounding area in which the nomadic office can be situated and networked both physically and virtually

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